I have a bunch of self-published books that need homes. Donate any amount you’d like* and receive a signed book you won’t find elsewhere as a gift.

*please be reasonable and factor in for shipping cost/Paypal fees. That’s about 4 bucks in the US. More on international below.

I have 10 copies of Volume 1: A Brooklyn Drama and 10 copies of Volume 2: A Brownstone Companion. These are collectors items of sorts! I am offering them exclusively in 3-packs. Please donate at least $25 if you want all three books. All gone! Every donation will receive a copy of Vol 3: An Interstate Oasis until the offer ends on Feb. 4th.

These volumes include the same content as Octopus Pie: There Are No Stars in Brooklyn, which collects all 3. So if you have that book, you know the deal.

Each book will be signed by me! Plus you will enjoy the fine satisfaction of supporting an independent comic. Thanks for contributing!

NON-US RESIDENTS: If you want to take advantage of this, unfortunately you’ll have to donate more. It costs $12 to ship 1 book overseas, $17 to ship all 3. It costs $6 to ship 1 book to Canada, $13 to ship all 3. Please factor this into your contribution amount.